10 Things You Didn’t Know About Nancy Pelosi


  1. Nancy Pelosi was the daughter of one of six children and grew up in Baltimore’s Little Italy. She attended Catholic school but aspired to be a social worker, trained by nuns at Our Lady Queen of Peace Academy for Girls.


      2. Nancy Pelosi’s family has a long history of being involved in politics. Her father was an influential Democratic Congressman and Baltimore Mayor, while her brother would later go on to become mayor himself.


     3 When Nancy Pelosi was a little girl, she always showed her true colors–a blue elephant. A Republican poll worker offered the young one an ivory elephant toy but recoiled in disgust when he saw how much better of a Democrat than him that she would become as time wore on.


     4. Known to many as a devoted Catholic, Nancy was educated at the Roman Catholic women’s college Trinity College in Washington D.C., where she met her future husband Paul Pelosi who attended Georgetown University nearby. They later relocated back to his hometown of San Francisco after their marriage and settled into life there together before starting a family with five children over time.


    5.Pelosi, the mother of five and grandmother to four, lives in a world where many people would find it difficult if not impossible to balance work with family. Pelosi is one tough lady who has managed her career while also being deeply dedicated as a wife and mother. She’s had five children—Nancy Corinne (1963), Christine (1965), Jacqueline (1967) Paul Joseph I “Joe” Jr.(1970) Alexandra Maria Antoinette (“Tina”)(1972)—of whom she was pregnant for six years straight! Her life consisted mostly of running back-and-forth between home duties such as cooking dinner or washing clothes on top of working full time at an attorney job during the day. But through this all


   6.Nancy Pelosi is a woman who knows what she wants. She was not afraid to stand up for her beliefs, even when it meant losing friends and family members in the process. It took far too long before this feminist finally ran for Congress at age 47!


   7.Ken Mehlman, the chairman of the Republican National Committee said in a recent interview that she was neither “new Democrat” nor an ‘old democrat’ but rather an even more ancient and archaic variety known as pre-historic. The other Republicans refer to her (in laughably unflattering tones) as being one with politically progressive views on environment, women’s reproductive rights, labor unions and many other issues.


   8.Nancy Pelosi has been a formidable force within the Democratic Party, and is responsible for raising more money than any other congressional Democrat. In addition to her fundraising efforts, she also manages to keep House Democrats toeing the party line by voting with their majority 88% of the time in 2005–the highest total since CQ started keeping track.


  9. Nancy Pelosi learned the art of politics early in her life. Partially raised by a father who was an old-school politician, she helped him keep track of favors and payback owed while practicing penmanship with “Little Nancy.”


  10.Nancy Pelosi is a true San Franciscan. She spends her time between Washington and the Bay Area with one of her favorite hobbies being completing notoriously difficult New York Times crossword puzzles! Her diet typically consists mostly of Ghirardelli chocolates, followed by chocolate ice cream for dessert.

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